Aegean Café started as a humble dream many years ago, which eventually materialised in April 2014. Drawing from the Greek heritage, Aegean Café is modelled after the ethos and atmosphere of the original bakeries and coffee shops found in main land Greece. It’s always been our passion to bring a relaxed calm environment accompanied by authentic freshly prepared food and only the best coffee to those who truly appreciate it. The bakery brings a wonderful twist to the shop, as we offer some of the most amazing Cakes found in South Africa, we pride ourselves on producing the best quality cakes and pastries. Catering for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and plenty other events, our cakes have gained the nod from some of the most renown bakers. Our Family business is 100% customer orientated and we know that your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Aegean Café strives to produce only the very best quality for your appetites utmost pleasure.